The Textile and Fibre Arts Network of Christchurch is a collection of Guilds and groups involved in textile and fibre arts.

Representatives of local groups came together in July 2011 following the Canterbury earthquakes to support each other as many groups had lost premises.

We soon realised that this was the ideal time to work together to promote textile and fibre arts and to look at achieving a shared facility to increase the profile of our arts and crafts.  We continue to work towards this goal.


The objectives of the group are:

(a)         Act as an umbrella group to textile and fibre arts Guilds and groups in the Christchurch Metropolitan area and local rural areas.

(b)          To promote, support and publicise textile and fibre arts Guilds, Groups and artists to the community.

(c)           To facilitate an increase in participation in textile and fibre arts and crafts.

(d)          To facilitate opportunities for collaboration and networking across textile disciplines and other not for profit’ groups

(e)          To undertake fundraising to meet the purposes of the Network

(f)           To research opportunities and plan for a shared textile and fibre arts facility in Christchurch.


Read our TFAN Society Rules.